Governmental Agencies

Governmental Agencies

Hillsborough County Aviation Authority, Tampa, FL
At Tampa International Airport, security is of utmost importance. Equally important is ATECH’s role in providing support for the hot cutover installation of the Access Control System (ACS). A-TECH has performed numerous projects for the Aviation Authority. Projects include:

  • Installation of approximately 22,000 feet of ISP and OSP fiber for the Access Control SystemReplacement.
  • Hot cutover fusion splicing for relocation of the entire security communications center (24/7 no downtime).
  • Infrastructure and systems installation for the Remote Parking Garage.
  • Infrastructure and systems installation for the ARFF Fire Rescue Facility.
  • Rental Car Parking Garage CCTV Cameras

U.S. Military Projects
Security at our military bases is the number one concern. All A-TECH employees have extensive background testing prior to employment. High security environments are one of our many specialties’. A-TECH is very familiar with the numerous federal construction programs and outperforms in both the physical and logistical arenas. Military projects are highly technical encompassing many low voltage system types. Projects Include:

  • Building 151 Renovation
  • CEMX CES Maintenance Facility
  • Building 54 Renovation
  • Building 90 Renovation
  • Site Support Centcom Temporary Facilities
  • 80 Room Dormitory NVZR053711
  • Aero Medical (BRAC) ASTS Building
  • Urgent Response Copper/Fiber Splice Services
  • Housing roadway expansion high countcopper relocation
  • Main Entrance Construct and SecurityEntrance Facility
  • Consolidated Communications Facility
  • Marcent Headquarters
  • Soccent Headquarters
  • Soccent Commandant Facility

Design Build Projects
Many of our government projects fall into the design build arena. Our design solutions ensure that industry standards align with customer standards and applicable building codes. Our experience accommodates for extensive customer network security and proximity requirements. Our engineering and AutoCAD departments ensure that the customers specified desires are converted into a tangible solution.