Access Control Systems

Access Control Systems


Access Control Systems are critical for organizational success.  Access Control as part of any security systems should monitor, protect and manage the authorized access of employees and guest into and around the building, facility or entire campus property.  Today’s access control systems can be linked to other technology systems, like time and attendance for payroll and provide valuable data for managers.

Intelligence to the Door

Recent advances of access control systems allow a well designed and installed access control systems to do more than just improve security.  Access control systems should:

Reduce operating cost
Improve efficiencies
Reduce risk of lawsuits.

IP Based Access Control Lower Cost and Improve Performance

Centralized Access Control Systems implemented today are IP-based and are connected to the existing network.  IP Based systems installed today can be managed remotely from any location with Internet access.  These access control systems not only provide better control, but convenience and cost savings.

Cost Transparency for Access Control

A-Tech designs, installs and maintains a wide range of cost effective advanced Access Control Systems.  We design our systems to fit our client’s requirements.  Access Control system costs are proportional to the number of doors needed to be protected and type of system required.  A-Tech will provide straightforward pricing as part of our free comprehensive building surveys.

Access Control Systems

  • Biometric
  • Badge Readers
  • Finger Reader
  • Card Reader
  • Wireless Reader
  • Proximity Cards
  • Key Fobs
  • Wristbands