Fiber Optic Cabling

Fiber Optic Cabling

Fiber Optic Repair Experts: 

We are the Florida’s leading fiber optic installation firm headquartered in Tampa, FL.  We install fiber optic networks and high-capacity solutions. A-Tech’s fiber optic solutions keep your business connected.

Emergency Restoration of fiber optic cable.

Repair Experience Matters.

No fiber project is ever the same.  There is Outside Plant OSP used for telephone, CATV, and Data networks and premise fiber optic networks inside building and campuses.  Different fiber applications require different procedures.  Our fiber technicians have installed thousands of miles of fiber optic cable for leading Fortune 500 companies, United States Military, and large University campuses.

Fusion Splicing

A-Tech uses state of the art Fusion Splicers for all fiber repair projects.  Optical fibers transmit data at higher rates than wire cable, with less loss and are immune to electromagnetic interference.  Repairing a fiber optic cable requires a fusion splicer and trained technician.  The complexity of the process requires skilled fiber technicians.  A-Tech invests in factory certified technicians.  Other methods of splicing fiber optic cable, such as optical connectors or mechanical splices both lower reliably which will increase data loss.

A-Tech’s 5 Step Repair Process:

Diagnosis problem
Repair to ensure interoperability
Test optical loss to industry standards
Troubleshoot for future expandability
Document for easy identification

Installation Experts:

Upgrade Bandwith increase speed and expand the Functionality of your existing Network.

Our dedicated network engineer is available a phone call away.

5 Reasons to Upgrade To Fiber Optic Network

  • Greater Bandwidth with Fiber Optic Installations
  • Lower Signal Loss on a Fiber Network.
  • Easier to Upgrade with Fiber Systems.
  • Green and uses less energy.
  • Fiber Networks are future proof..